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How can we reach your hospital? Which transportation vehicle we can use?

When you go to the “connect us” page, you will find the address and sketch photos of the hospital. Also you call us for any help.

How can i inform the authorities about my good and bad view?

In the right side of the website, there is “opinion” part. You can write any kind of view there or send us e-mail. Our mail address is written in the “connect us” page.

If I have a disease, how can I get knowledge about and find the related doctor?

The easiest way is to click “Ask to Doctor” in the online applications part.

I have a health insurance. Is it possible to benefit from your services?

You are able to take information about your health insurance in the “contracted institutions” page.

What is your web site’s services in the visual platform?

You can take an appointment, ask a doctor about your disease, sent a message to your patient in visual platform. The photos of the lucky babies born in our hospital is published on internet.

Does your website have updated knowledge?

Doctor and medical departments parts are always have the current information.