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   Psychiatry, a section of medicine, is combined with neuroscience, pharmacology, biochemical, phycology and medicine. As contrary of neurology and the other branches, psychiatrists are professional about the doctor-patient relationship and they are educated on the other curative communication methods and using different ways of psychotherapy. Their education programs are also more developed than psychologists. After they take the common medicine lesson with all the doctors, psychiatry branch is chosen. Psychiatry specialist, that is a doctor, is responsible and authorized to make a diagnosis of mental illness and cure them. When it is necessary, they can make physical inspection to their patients, ask for the laboratory tests and use the neuroimaging tools for diagnostic, apply psychotherapy and medicine cure or demand the other psychiatric examinations.

The list of sickness groups that psychiatry make diagnostic and cure:

-  Depression
-  Panic and Anxiety Disorder
-  Bipolar Disorder
-  Schizophrenia  and Other Psychotic Disorder
-  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
-  Alcohol and Drug Abuse
-  Personality Disorders
-  Dissociative Disorders
-  Dementia (Alzheimer, Front temporal Demeans, e.g. )
-  Less of Concentration and Hyperactivity,
-  Acute and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
-  Somatoform Disorder
-  Sexual Dysfunctions
-  Sleep Disturbances