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Urology is a surgical branch that deals with male and female urinary system, genital organs, reproductive health and diseases in all age groups. Organs of interest include the kidney, kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, urethra, testis, sperm passage and storage organs and penis.

Diseases treated in Urology department

Flexible Ureteroscopy

In this method, which is accepted as the most advanced treatment of kidney stones, a flexible and thin endoscope is used to achieve the kidney without blood and without blade. Wherever the kidney stone is, it is caught and caught, and it is evaporated and powdered by the harmless Holmium laser technology. The duration of the operation does not exceed 1 to 2 hours in relation to the size of the stone, and the patient's stay in the hospital is only 1 day.

Painless Prostate Biopsy

Prostate biopsies for the purpose of diagnosing prostate cancer with transrectal ultrasound can be completed comfortably in as soon as 15 minutes by the method selected for the patient.


It is a method that provides important information on identifying the diseases associated with the storage and discharge functions of the urine bag and choosing the right treatment.

Prostate Disease Treatments by Laser

Benign prostate enlargement is seen in men at increasing rates as they age after age 40. Surgical treatment of the prostate is necessary for kidney and bladder health in patients who do not benefit from or are unlikely to benefit from drug treatments. In these treatments, which are done without bladder and without bladder, the recovery is fast and the hospital stay is short.