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The Department of Cardiology offers services with the goal of protecting your heart health and diagnosing and treating heart diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of heart diseases, from teens to elderly adults, have been provided. The Cardiology Policlinic serves patients in the fields of examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and intensive care in heart diseases. These are some of the services of our Cardiology Department:

• Policlinic and consultation services

• Electrocardiography

• Echocardiography: Cavities, valves of the heart and its contraction is checked by an ultrasonographic device.

• Treadmill stress tests

• Holter: 24 hours of electrocardiography recordings are taken by a device inserted on a patient. Rhythm disorders are diagnosed this way.

• Ambulatory blood pressure recordings: 24 hours of tension recordings are taken by a device.

• Temporary pacemaker applications

• Fully equipped coronary intensive care services

• CPR Team