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Today, modern medicine is rapidly developing, diagnosis and treatment methods are increasingly diversified. Despite the fact that today it is still a branch that is becoming more specialized and differentiated, General Surgery; is one of the largest areas of coverage.

Ozel Tekirdag Yasam Hospital General Surgery Department; provides comprehensive services with specialist physicians and professional health team who will meet various needs and expectations for different diseases. In Chapter; technology and scientific developments are followed closely, applications are made, continuity in personal and professional development is aimed, diagnosis and treatment are passed with delicacy on the basis of satisfaction of patient and patient relatives.

The Department of General Surgery plays an important role in achieving successful surgical operations and achieving the health of our patients, especially through the operation of operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, intensive care units and other departments. Complete services are provided by our fully equipped Radiology and Imaging, Laboratory Units in our hospital, in all aspects that may be needed in our patients, pre- and post-operative follow-up and treatment.

General Surgery Department also; Laparoscopic surgeries, also known as bloodless surgeries, are widely used in diagnosis and treatment in recent times.

In the General Surgery Department, who always cares about sharing information with other departments and in coordination with these departments when necessary, the patients and their relatives are informed in detail by the specialist physicians about the treatment to be applied and any developments that may be experienced in this process and the needs and expectations of patients and their relatives are answered quickly and correctly by adhering to the principle of transparency.