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Internal Medicine Department is one of the broadest branches of modern medical diagnosis and treatment and develops day by day. Internal Medicine section is the department where diagnoses, treatments and follow-ups of the diseases are made by using various laboratory and radiological methods, starting from the complaints of the adult patient group about the visceral system. In the Ozel Tekirdag Yasam hastanesi, the Internal Medicine Department specialist physicians and healthcare team follow these technological and scientific developments closely and implement them in the best way. They increase their vocational and personal development day by day and serve with smile.

The Department of Internal Medicine gives a treatment to, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of many other diseases affecting diabetes, obesity, liver, leukemia, lymphoma, digestive system, rheumatism, thyroid, kidney and pancreas, pituitary gland and internal organs.

The Department of Internal Medicine aims to offer the fastest and most accurate treatment methods with constant information sharing between the policlinic and service units.