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Dermatology (skin and venereal diseases) is the science of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Body entrances such as nails, nails, oral mucous membranes also fall into the specialty of this branch.

Our polyclinic which serves at high standards by specialist physicians and health team, aims to provide satisfaction to patients and their relatives in all cases by informing them about the treatment process in detail. Patient satisfaction is our priority in our polyclinic which provides professional and comprehensive services.

Like all the other departments in our hospital, are part of a continuous orientation by participating in routine training and meetings. Thus, information sharing between the departments and exchange of ideas are ensured and the opinions of different doctors who are experts in the field are taken into consideration in the treatments to be performed and realized. In addition, innovations realized in the technological and medical sense are constantly monitored with the cooperation of the units and the best way is passed on with the innovative approach of our hospital.

The list of treatments offered by Ozel Tekirdag Yasam Hospital Dermatology Clinic includes, but not limited to all of the following.

Diagnosis and Treatment in Mild Polyclinics Main Topics

• Botox


• Mesotherapy

• Chemical Peeling

• Oral Injuries

• Acne

• Wart

• Acne

• Pale

• Syphilis

• Eczema

• Allergic Skin Diseases

• Mushroom (Hand - Foot - Body mushrooms)

• Callus

• Hair Loss Treatment

• Border Color Changes

• Skin itches

• Urticaria

• Skin Stains

• Moths, Curses, Birthmarks

• Nail Disorders

• Hand, Foot, Underarm Terraces

• Psoriasis

• Hair Disease and Overdose Treatment

• Sexually transmitted diseases