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The Nutrition and Dietetics department offers nutritional assessment, dietary consultations, dietary advice, care plans, treatment and health education services to all patients with a variety of health conditions such as:

• Obesity and fatness

• Heart diseases

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Diabetes

• Kidney Diseases

• Digestive system diseases

• Cancer

• Gain weight

• Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

• Childhood and Adolescence

• Sports

As the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, we also provide information support and counseling for our inpatients and outpatients not only to reach their ideal weight but also to protect their weight.The first examinations of our patients and consultants who apply to the Nutrition and Dietetics Polyclinic are made about the nutritional habits and nutrient consumption. Afterwards, a private nutrition program is planned and regular follow-up is carried out by evaluating the results of body analysis and blood analysis.