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In Eye Diseases Department, we provide services to our patients by using the most up-to-date and advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseasesTo maintain the quality and comfort of the eye and visual functions of our patients or to treat the impaired ones is our basic principle and purpose. The list of treatments offered by Ozel Tekirdag Yasam Hospital Eye Disease Clinic includes, but not limited to all of the following.

Diseases of the Department of Ophthalmology

• Child eye health, squint and laziness

• Contact lenses

• Cataract - intraocular lens applications

• Glaucoma (Eye tension disease)

• Diseases of the retina and macula (yellow spot)

• Corneal diseases

• Eyelid and tear system diseases

• Eye aesthetics and botox

• Ocular and intraocular infections and inflammation (uveitis)

• Neuro-ophthalmology (Ophthalmology),

• Visual pathways and Eye-brain related diseases)

• Adult strabismus,

• Eye movement disorders and Double vision

• Eye problems due to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid

• Dry eye

• Eye Examination,

• Laboratory and Laser Devices

• Measurements of computerized fracture disorders for adults and children

• Measurement of eye pressure and corneal thickness

• Computer Vision Area

• OCT (Eye Tomography) for retinal, macular and glaucoma diseases

• Optical and Ultrasonic Biometry

• Argon Laser

• Yag Laser